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Living purposefully vs. survial mode

I can’t stress enough how important it is to start tapping into your true calling! I know it can be scary when you are used to living comfortably in an uncomfortable situation – survival mode. Let me explain…

How many times have you felt tapped by some force larger than yourself to move in a certain direction and you did not? Trust me when I tell you that this has been my life story many, many times. If I had a guide, roadmap, mentor or a support system to help guide me on this path it would have saved me many years of my life from moving in fear. But not all of us are blessed enough to be guided in such a way or much less even know where to look for this guidance.

Listen I get it, we have bills to pay and mouths to feed, but I believe if we take the necessary steps to start living in an intentful manner and take it day by day, by the time you know it you will have caught up to your true self.

Living an authentic purposeful life is about finding your true calling and living a life that aligns with your values and passions. It’s about creating a meaningful existence that leaves you feeling fulfilled, happy and purposeful. Living in survival mode on the other hand, is just about getting by, keeping your head above water, grinding yourself to the bone, and just making ends meet.

Survival mode keeps us enslaved, unhappy and trapped in an endless cycle of a fear-based mindset with no end sight. But, we don’t have to live like this, you can design your life intentionally and with purpose, but first you need to know what the signals are in order to start deciphering how to begin your journey to freedom.

Below is a list I’ve compiled of what living an authentic life vs. survival mode looks like. I’ve created this list so you can begin taking inventory of yourself. Start writing down ideas on how you can begin taking steps on living the best version of who you are

. Feel free to answer the questions attached to these points to help guide you into living a more purposeful life. Good luck!

1. Mindset: Living an authentic purposeful life requires a positive mindset, one that's focused on growth, expansion and self-discovery. Living in survival mode requires a survival mindset, one that's focused on the basics like food, shelter and safety.

Q: What is something positive that happened to you today? If not today then this week?

2. Purpose: Living an authentic purposeful life requires that you have a clear sense of purpose and direction. You have a passion or calling that you're pursuing, and you're motivated by something larger than yourself. Living in survival mode is about just getting by and making ends meet, and there's not much room for passion or purpose.

Q: What is something that you are passionate about? If this stumps you, then name a time in which you did something that made you happy and feel alive.

3. Values: Living an authentic purposeful life is about being true to your values and beliefs. You know what's important to you, and you make decisions based on those values. In survival mode, values take a backseat to practical concerns like food, shelter, and safety.

Q: What are your values? What will you and will you not put up with when it comes to your morals and principles? What about when dealing with people?

4. Relationships: In living an authentic purposeful life, relationships are important and are built on mutual respect, trust, and support. In survival mode, relationships can be transactional, and they're often based on immediate needs and survival.

Q: What relationships in your life are supportive? What does support look like to you from another person?

5. Creativity: Living an authentic purposeful life involves creativity, innovation, and growth. You're always pushing the boundaries, trying new things, and exploring new ideas. In survival mode, creativity takes a backseat to practical concerns, and there's little room for exploration or growth.

Q: Where in your life can you play more? What is a creative activity you can do this week?

6. Fulfillment: Living an authentic purposeful life leads to a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. You're doing something you love, and you're making a positive impact on the world. In survival mode, there's little room for fulfillment or purpose, and you're often left feeling stuck and depleted.

Q: What does your life feel like when you are doing something you love? What can you do each day to keep that feeling? Create time in your schedule to do something fulfilling for yourself each week.

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