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Intuitive Life Coaching 


What is intuitive life coaching?


Intuitive life coaching is a little different from the average life coach. Lisbeth is a gifted psychic reader and works with clients based off of where their blocks are. She has the ability to energetically pick up on blocks in each client’s life and start the work from there. These blocks can range from a variety of different scenarios from childhood traumas, passionless work life, toxic relationships, energy drainers – aka energy vampires. Everyone has different needs, which is why it is important to have a consultation and discuss the issues before hand. Once she pinpoints the issues she will create a plan based off your assessment from there. Each life coaching plan is unique in that it is tailored specifically for each person. 

Is everyone that applies for the life coaching sessions accepted?


No. Because Lisbeth is very sensitive to energy, each client is required to have a free one-on-one consultation (15 min) prior to working with Lisbeth as a life coach. The screening process is important because she has to feel the energy between each client to make sure that this experience will be beneficial to the person at hand. There are certain things that each client will need to be open to when working with Lisbeth, she will channel each person’s life through her reading and decide how to proceed. Everything is energy, her psychic assessment will lead on the decision making. This is not about monetary gains, it’s about helping those who are open to getting the guidance they need, each person needs to have an open mind and be able to stay disciplined in doing the work required to change their lives.

how many times a week do we meet?


Because of Covid-19, each client will meet with Lisbeth once a week on FaceTime or Zoom call.

What materials do we get as part of the program?


You will get weekly videos, a journal, a workbook and weekly one-on-one sessions with Lisbeth. Each session is tailored for you, each worksheet is created for you. Lisbeth will make sure to work on your needs and tailor a program that will help you elevate your life.

Interested? Book a free consultation today!

Click here to fill out a consultation form and book a 30 min. meeting with me. We will discuss your goals and talk about what you are looking for in a life coach. 

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