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About Me

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"Lisbeth is a brilliant Psychic Medium. I remember the first Circle she came to, and it was clear she had/has amazing gifts!

Her mediumship and psychic abilities are

so powerful!"

- Melisa Waite Stamps, Spiritual Teacher

The Intuitive Goddess, Lisbeth Cervantes, learned of her spiritual gifts while living in New York City. She worked in the fashion industry and was living for her career. Although she was manifesting and creating what she wanted, she was not happy or satisfied with her life. She was missing a solid spiritual foundation. 

"I've always been intrigued by spirituality and before moving to New York I had read, studied and had my own spiritual practices consistently, but when I moved it all changed because of this drive and go, go, go mentality I adopted." 

She was always interested in psychics and wanted to know why some people had these spiritual gifts and why others did not. In 2014, she began attending mediumship classes and met some wonderful spiritual teachers that taught psychic classes on a weekly basis. She studied for 2 years. 

"I was on spiritual journey in out of all places, New York City. You have to catch the energy here and ride the waves. If you don't know how to stay aligned the city will eat you up."

As time went on, Lisbeth also became a medium This was something that was not a part of her plan... 

"I initially only wanted to learn the psychic aspect of the spiritual classes I was taking, but spirit showed me that there is so much more to who I was. I was encouraged to tap into it and VERY hesitant because I had never channeled the deceased before. I had to convince myself to do it with an open mind and it changed my life." 

As time went on, she started helping people, and noticed how emotional they were getting when she would channel.


"This really affected me because I realized that I was helping people heal in a very different way. I opened myself to that responsibility because I felt it was my duty to be of service by utilizing the wisdom of a higher realm."  

In 2016 she moved back to the Bay Area, where she is originally from and started a private practice in 2019. Lisbeth is also a very creative person, a professional fashion stylist, interior designer and artist. 


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