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I have the right to refuse service to anyone that is rude and disrespectful to me on the phone or that I feel I will not be able to help. Sometimes there are intense energies within and around people and I have the right to set boundaries toward them. If you call me being rude and disrespectful I will block your number. I have the right to say NO to you if I feel uncomfortable speaking with you.


If you decide to book me please be respectful of my business, prices and time. My price points are SET.

I DO NOT answer pregnancy questions (I am not a medical doctor) , cast spells on people, and deal with demononic forces within or around people. 

Please do not contact me asking me exact dates and times for situations that may happen in your future and life. I will give you an estimate of what my spiritual guides guide me to tell you. There are many paths to get to your destination and I will tell you what I see within the time frame of each path. But please do not ask what exact day, time, month things will happen for you (any psychic that tells you these this informaiton I would be very weary of).

Also, please DO NOT contact me and send me a Google Doc of specific YES or NO questions you have. I do not work like this. I read and can connect directly with your energy. I scan your aura/energetic field with my energy to give you messages you need to hear from Spirit through me, as Spirit uses me as a vessel. You are more than welcome to give me a theme you would like for me to focus on such as - can you tell me about my love life, or my career and so fourth. I am a guide for Spirit that gives you solutions to the issues you may have like a coach. I am NOT a magician who is going to help you get someone fired at their job or force someone fall in love with you. 

Do not ask me questions like - why am I not hooking up with girls on dating sites or will I marry a woman or man of a specific ethnicty, or how can I get this person get fired at my job? I do not do this work for superficial reasons and will not take any superficial clients.

Also, I DO NOT do one question appointments. So, please do not call my phone asking me if I can answer just one question. If you want a session like this, you keep up with my calendar on my website, under events tab, that will tell you when I get on Clubhouse and When I am in these rooms, I can answer one question for you for a donated fee or a very low price. Clubhouse sessions happen between 2-4x a month and Popshop sessions happen every full and new moon cycles. 

I am not in this business for fun, or to be taken as a circus act. I take my work of helping people very seriously and have a special gift that is meant to help them find their authenticity, be a guide through energic methods and solutions. There is a bigger picture with the work that I do as I have dedicated my life to help guide those that need help and clarity in their lives. 

If you are NOT open to helping yourself and want to hear certain answers and get upset if you don't hear them then do not book me. Everything is not always going to be positive "love and light," the messages that I give people are real, sometimes raw, and always authentic. 

There are NO refunds (I've only had one person ever ask me for a refund because they wanted to hear specific answers to their questions, which was declined). 

Please have an open mind and heart when we meet. If you are ready to unlock, unblock and thrive in your life then let's connect!

Please respect my business, my Spiritual gift and my boundaries as a healer and a light worker, in return I will do the same. 


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