The Age of Authenticity

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Art work by AJ Hamilton

I know I've been very quiet on blogging lately (I've decided to only do it when the spirit moves me, I've accepted that sometimes it may be months because I need to be true to me and my audience), this is because I've been hibernating and trying to better myself and figure out this energy that is shifting the world at a rapid pace. We are now entering a whole new life from what we had at the beginning of the year. We went from a virus, to riots and now back to pushing full steam on the virus agenda once again. I'm definitely not downplaying it, but this one has a super powered PR team behind it. I won't get into the specifics of what I feel going on because it's a very sensitive topic and people will believe what they want to believe, but I will say this, ask questions.

This year has awakened me at a super, warp speed. It's like my third eye became very open and I've had to adjust and sit with myself because of it. The biggest take away I've gained thus far is that I need to keep moving forward with my goal of helping people. Especially now. I've been affected the most by the racism that's come to the forefront of our society these days. It's painful, yet necessary. It's caused me to look inward and backward and see how I've been affected by systemic racism without even realizing it. That was something I've been grappling with since George Floyd's death that re-awkened a whole movement.

Art work by Kehinde Wiley

I've had to literally reset myself (this is a continuous process) and see where my own shadow parts lie, as these are deep rooted issues within me that might be unconsciously blocking me. This is work, and I know where I stand with that. But I've had to look inward and start moving strategically in a different way, heal and start forgiving myself for being angry. Everything is energy. Let me repeat that, everything is energy! We have positive and negative vibrations, if these vibes are not managed properly, they can fester. And that's what's been going on since America was pillaged and reformed through genocide, violence and slavery. Four hundred plus years in the making and its led all to this. That means 400 years of lies and negative, vile energy that has permeated within our system. Which is why it's important that something like the taking down of these racist statues of killers and slave masters be torn down, because this is energy that is exuding itself into our society. It's part of a system of oppression that's been severely embedded within us (people of color) to make us be, feel, and think less than what we really are. That system is breaking down this year, that's why it's called 2020 vision. You get to now see clearly what is really going on is and hopefully start changing the landscape for a better future (I believe in humanity, I'm one of those people, but also a realist). As with any type of transformation, it's painful, that's why it's called growing pains.

The White House -- racism right in front of our faces --- finally having a tower moment!