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Respecting myself as a Psychic Medium by setting boundaries

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Please read this before booking your session with me.

I recently had a person call me and ask if they could get a reading at an extremely low price. This person sounded pretty desperate about wanting to speak with me, the first thought was no, but another part of me (which I should have listened to) thought maybe they really need help and I should help someone in need. Ignoring my intuition, I realized quickly that it was a mistake.

This person initially asked for 10 minutes of my time (which by the way I do not do because in order for me to do a reading I need to connect with my client and their energy and once I get into the grove of things – my meditative state – then I catch my flow, I have time frames for a reason) and they promised that it would be a quick yes/no answer about their love and career. I agreed but told them that we should connect for 20 minutes at a specific price so I can give them a deeper interpretation. They were excited and agreed to my price and time frame.

The Drama

When I tell you that I will never, ever do this again I mean it. Not only did this person try to short change me from the beginning but they were also expecting a super detailed reading about their love life and career within a matter of 20 minutes. I actually told them I’d pull some tarot cards to give them clarity and the disrespect I received from them was a lesson I will never forget. “I didn’t pay you for cards, I want a detailed time frame of when I will meet the person who is to be my partner!! Why can’t you give me an exact time frame and what exactly they will look like!”

Appalled, I told them that they were being very disrespectful to me and my craft. I was giving them messages that I felt and saw and this person literally didn’t want to hear what I had to tell them. They wanted me to paint this cupcakes and rainbows scenario for them about their soul mate. There was so much I saw in the energy of this person and the behavior that they exuded let me know that in all honesty they didn’t want to hear the truth and weren’t ready for what I needed to tell them. They had all the answers already.

Not only was this person disregarding the fact that I was taking time out of my schedule to meet with them last minute, but they weren’t coming to see me with an open mind. They were testing me, which I felt immedatley, and wanted the most for the very least. After I was done with the session – which by the way went over 20 minutes – they had the audacity to ask for a refund. So here’s the scenario – they short changed me, wasted my time, were disrespectful and wanted their money back. Got it, lesson learned. Never again.

Moving Forward - Setting stronger boundaries for myself

To anyone that is interested in getting a reading from me, please understand I don’t live in fairy tales. The work that I do is sacred and deep and I see only as far as the Spirit guides will allow me to see specifically for that person. Whatever I tell you is what you need to hear. When people come to see me and pay the prices I ask for on my website it is because they are expecting an experience (which I am well aware of and always intent to give them), they want clarity, and help with their lives. The type of work I do is energy work and I do my best with my gift to help guide and support my clients as much as I can. If I see an energy block in your body or around you I am going to let you know. I am also a solution-oriented type of healer, because I know that this is bigger than me and important to the people that come to see me.

One thing I will never do to anyone that comes to see me is play with their time and their emotions. I don’t have the energy to waste on someone who thinks that the work that do is a joke. I am not a joke. This work is deeper than what the average person understands. I appreciate, honor and am always thankful all of my clients past, present and future but one thing I will not allow is to be disrespected. I don’t need to argue with anyone and will not allow my energy to be lowered by a low vibration. What I will do though, is set my boundaries, this includes blocking numbers (which I have done) and never short changing myself because I feel bad for the person or need some money in my pocket.

Do your own research!

In terms of working with a psychic. Please do your own research before meeting with a medium. If it feels right for you then by all means do it, if it doesn’t then don’t. I have many reviews on my Yelp business page that you can read on your own prior to seeing me. If you have any questions about my process you are more than welcome to email me, send me a text or chat me on my Google business page. I don’t have any problem answering any questions.

Respecting my business and prices

As a person who is a small business owner who helps people and makes products (see my store), please understand that I always try my best to be authentic with my spiritual gifts and the things that I make. I am always learning and growing within my spiritual practice and will forever be a student because there is so much to learn within the realm of what I do. I invest in my own spiritual education with some of the earnings I make because I believe it’s important to continuously grow through education and experiences. I strive to be the best version of who I am for others and most importantly for myself. The best thing you can do is show up to world being the best version of you.

As for my store, everything I make and create is with love and intention. I promise you that. I design all of my own candles, make my own scents and do the work it takes to make sure I am delivering products that I myself would buy. It takes time, money, effort, research and experimentation to deliver the spiritual products that I want to create to help people. I don’t just throw things together last minute to make some money. Sometimes it takes me months to finish my candles because my energy has to be right when I make them.

I say this because I don’t think people understand the amount of time and energy that is put to running a small niche business, working with clients, vending, running my own social media, doing my own marketing (which I am still struggling with), and building my brand in an authentic creative way that is true to my voice, creativity and my spirit.

As for my pricing, I have many other options for those who can’t afford to pay the full price. For instance, I am on the Clubhouse app where I host rooms sometimes with others for donation-based readings, I do Instagram Lives, I am on the Popshop.Live app where you can get a reading for $25 for a 3 card pull or even $20 for one psychic question. These are part of my marketing and sponsorships to get my name and brand out. These readings may not be as detailed and deep as my personal appointments but are just as special! Be sure to look at my calendar for upcoming events I have online and locally.

I don’t know how other people run their businesses but this is the way that I do things on my end. For this reason, I am asking anyone who comes to see me to please respect my time and energy that I use to meet with you. In return I will do my best to give you the best version of myself as a healer and a psychic. I understand your position as a client because I have been on the other end as well. I love what I do because helping people is important and I genuinely like connecting with my clients, I learn so much about myself and the person I work with directly through my work. To me, helping even just one person changes the frequency of the Earth.

Spreading nothing but love as I land my plane. Much light, abundance and blessings. – IG

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