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January 2020 ... In Memorandum

My apologies for posting late, I have been ill and bed ridden. I have not had a cold since 2016 so my body has been reacting to something it’s not used to. I don’t ever wish ill health on anyone! This has been one of the worst few weeks thus far and to honest I’m still not out of the clear…but the show must go on…

There was a meme recently that read, “throw the whole 2020 away!” Does it not feel like this? From the psychological “fake” war with Iran, (which I believe was totally created in order for us to get into a frenzy hysteria and calm the Iranian people down from rebelling against their own government), to the earthquakes in Puerto Rico (most definitely created from drilling) and now Cuba and Jamaica, the fires in Australia, Kobe and his daughter’s (as well as the other families) horrible death and now the Coronavirus epidempic. As a spiritual person, I’m looking at this matrix and thinking to myself, “what is the lesson here?” It’s obviously a jolt to get us to feel and wake humanity up. There is a saying that goes, “God will disrupt your entire life in order to wake you up.” I’m not saying that what has happened is right or not painful, but there is a message here within each of these tragedies.

The crazy thing about stuff like this is that each thing will hit each person differently in order to think about life or wake up differently. You might not have followed Kobe Bryant’s career, so his death might not have affected you, but perhaps you have friends in China who are affected by the Corona Virus (weather they are infected or not is an extreme scenario but the fact of the matter is it’s still a loved one in a dangerous situation). I strongly believe, and have been told from my spiritual guides, that the universe is trying to make humanity feel again, think about what really matters instead of what we see on the surface. I believe humanity has been on autopilot for a very long time now, and it has affected the way we have taken care of the planet as well ourselves.

You can’t take money with you when you die, and if I’m bursting your bubble, I apologize but we are all going to die one day, that’s something that we can’t escape no matter how hard we think we can. This year did not come to play! It is all happening because we have it coming -- it’s actually already here. There is a somber energy right now in the world and although we don’t have to take action to do anything because we have free will, maybe we can ask ourselves, what is this supposed to be teaching humanity?

Life is full of energetic patterns and has its ups and downs. Throughout history humanity has constantly destroyed itself again and again, from Atlantis, Mayans, the Roman Empire, Babylonia, to the Azetcs and I could go on and on. Right now the world is going through an energetic cyclical cleanse. There are negative energies all over the place all the time that need to be cleansed and can range from a large to an internal (meaning changing inside of ourselves) scale. Let’s use the wildfires in Australia for example, statistics are saying that one billion animals have died due to these fires. I myself am an animal lover and this hit me a little hard I must say, I couldn’t fathom why the Universe, God, Spirit, would do that. It hit me emotionally. My daughter even donated her own money to one of the causes to help the Koala’s. Death is a very complicated topic within itself, but I just couldn’t understand why the animals had to be sacrificed to prove a point. Although there have been reports that lightning and climate change is to blame for these fires, there are also various reports stating that these fires were started by humans. I emotionally had to pull myself together and not pay attention to the media on these atrocities because I feel too much. The good that came out of it was that humanity is pulling together to help the animals and figure out innovative ways to suppress these fires in the future. Also, I read that aboriginals are experts at containing fires through certain techniques that have been passed down through generations through their tribes.

These experiences are here to make us act and come together as humans to help each other and the planet out. They jolt us, wake us up, and create a catalyst to start acting to change this world. Nothing lasts forever, and the less we take care of our environment and our internal health, we will continue to keep driving on a highway to nowhere fast. This is a time in history is supposed to move us to question ourselves and act to change. It’s a healing, a disruption to our internal core to make moves. It’s highly important that we do this because when you heal the world heals. You are energy, so whatever energy you are harvesting and putting out is what is manifesting into the planets sphere. Pay attention to the energy that is going on right now in the world and it will give you a clue as to how humanity is feeling right now.

I challenge you to take a hard look at yourself, and start working on you, and what can you do to make a change in your frequency, or within your surroundings. If not now, when? It can start by volunteering a few hours a week, eating better, going meat free (mind you this is also me talking to myself), it’s the little things that can change your frequencies bit by bit. Every step counts. Life experiences are meant to shake us up. 2020 did not come to play, and this is just the beginning.

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