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3 Card Tarot Reading

  • 15 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

A three card tarot pull is a common and straightforward spread used in tarot readings. It involves drawing three cards from a shuffled deck of tarot cards and interpreting their meanings in relation to the question or situation at hand. The first card drawn represents the past and the influences that have led up to the present situation. This card can offer insights into any patterns or lessons that may be repeating themselves in the querent's life. The second card represents the present moment and the energies that are currently at play. This card can offer guidance on what actions to take or what mindset to adopt in order to move forward in a positive direction. The third card represents the potential future outcomes based on the current trajectory. This card can offer insights into what may happen if the querent continues on their current path, and can provide guidance on what changes may need to be made in order to achieve a more desirable outcome. A three card tarot pull can offer valuable insights and guidance into a situation, and can be a useful tool for gaining clarity and understanding.

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Oakland, CA 94610, USA

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