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Cascarilla has two primary abilities. First, it has the power to expel negative energy in all its forms. Second, it creates a barrier between the natural and supernatural realms. With these capabilities, cascarilla can be applied to any number of situations. Since it’s usually in pressed chalk form, it has some flexibility in how it can be used. It’s even possible to use it in the form of a loose powder or incorporate it into candles, baths or incense for even greater coverage. 


Cascarilla wards off negative energy regardless of its source.

Cascarilla is typically sold in pressed form. This permits it to be used for writing or marking. In this case, it can inscribe boundaries around your home by merely drawing a continuous line to block harmful energy from entering. Usually, symbols are drawn around any entry portals of the house like doors, windows, and even vents. This action will both guard against antagonistic forces and blockade immaterial creatures, harmless ones included, that could otherwise gain access. You can also use it to draw on your body for added daily protection. 


These cups can also be crushed. In powdered form, cascarilla can be put to use more extensively than in solid form. To safeguard the home, the powder can be sprinkled on the floor or it can be blended with plain water or a floor cleaner and applied to the floors. Likewise, you can dust your entire body with it. You could also limit the dusting to only your hands in case they contact anything potentially bad. 


Just as it can be crushed and added to floorwashes, it can also be incorporated into a bath. This method drives out the antagonistic forces you’ve built up in yourself over time from assorted unfriendly encounters. 

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