This guidance ritual candle set, is perfect for those who need faith and help finding their way. Use this ritual set to help align yourself with your spirit guides and gain clarity within your prayer, intentions, or meditation practices.  This set includes Tiger Eye stones that help with focus, clarity, and can assist us to solve problems objectively and helps to dispell fear and anxiety. 


Each candle is made from soy wax and is mixed with a vanilla bean scent. It has a tiger eye stone and is mixed with lavendar plant pieces. 


This kit includes the following: 

  • 1 Guidance candle
  • 1 Palo Santo stick
  • 1 small pouch
  • 1 Intuitive Goddess sticker
  • Tiger Eye stones 
  • Personalized guidance ritual written for you by The Intuitive Goddess 

Guidance Candle Ritual Kit