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These 7 Day Ritual Candles are perfect for your spiritual rituals.


Made from 100% natural wax and is unscented, allowing you to focus on your intention without any distracting aromas. The sleek and simple design of the candle also makes it an elegant addition to any altar or meditation space.


These candles is designed to burn for seven days, making it ideal for extended rituals or spells. Each day of burning represents a new layer of energy and intention, helping you to focus and manifest your desires.


Whether you're looking to manifest abundance, love, or protection, these candles can help you to achieve your goals. Use it in combination with your favorite crystals, herbs, or oils to amplify your energy and enhance your results.


Choose from the following: 

Macho Chango - money and luck 

Guardian Angel - spiritual protection

Virgin de Guadalupe - unconditional love & protection  

7 Day Ritual Candles

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